Centerpieces For Religious Celebrations

Centerpieces are not necessary for religious festivities but they certainly make the event more special and more beautiful. Some of the religious events that centerpieces can be used for are First Communions, Confirmations, and Baptisms or Christenings. Many of the same centerpieces would be appropriate for several occasions. For example, an angel centerpiece or a cross First Communion centerpiece could also be used for a Baptism or Confirmation.

Many people are looking for a unique First Communion centerpiece for their childís special day. The invitations, First Communion favors and the Communion centerpiece many times will have the same theme and blend together very nicely. Other times just a simple balloon centerpiece will do or some beautiful fresh flowers set the mood, or even some candles grouped together as a centerpiece. It all depends on how elaborate or how simple you want the centerpiece to be.

Handmade and decorated First Communion centerpieces are becoming very popular instead of just placing flowers or candles on the guest tables. The First Communion cake is one of those handmade centerpieces that make the tables truly elegant.

A First Communion cake centerpiece usually contains tiers of cake slice boxes decorated with crosses, small favor rosaries or flowers. The cake slice boxes are arranged in a circle to resemble a cake. The First Communion cake may contain one, two or three layers of these cake slice favor boxes. On top of the centerpiece there can be a First Communion boy statue or First Communion girl statue or even some fresh flowers. A First Communion chalice may also top this type of centerpiece. Each favor box can be left empty for a small piece of cake to be added at the end of the party, or imported almonds or some other treat can be added. Each guest at the First Communion party takes a cake slice box home with them. What makes this Holy Communion centerpiece so special is that it is not only a centerpiece but also holds the Communion party favors for each guest. These Communion cakes can be simply or very elaborately decorated. Because they are handmade for just your childís event, it will be something to treasure and certainly something out of the ordinary.

You can make this type of centerpiece yourself or look for someone on the internet who makes First Communion centerpiece cakes. Many craftspeople specialize in just doing this type of thing.

Another very pretty First Communion centerpiece is a wire angel spray painted in silver or gold and decorated in beautiful ribbons and flowers. Again you can make this yourself, or search for someone online who makes these. There are some very elegant and unique Communion angel centerpieces available for purchase.

Another consideration when thinking about centerpieces is how many you will need. Once you have your guest list decided upon and have sent out invitations and decided on the location for the First Communion party, you can plan your tables and decide how many centerpieces you will need. Figure on one for each table and possibly one for the gift table and one for the cake table. Also take size of the room into consideration when ordering First Communion centerpieces. A large room with a lot of people will require centerpieces that are tall enough not to bet lost in the room. A small group of people in a small room will dictate a smaller angel centerpiece or a Communion cake centerpiece with only one layer.

Once you have decided on the location of the Communion party, the number of guests and tables, and the number of centerpieces, donít forget to order First Communion favors for each guest. Again you may want to have a theme in mind as you plan all the elements of this very important religious celebration.

Centerpieces can be simple, elegant, unique, small or large, but they should reflect your taste.. You can never go wrong with flowers or balloons, but if you want something just a little bit different, choose a unique First Communion centerpiece for that special day. You can look for girl or boy centerpieces or just stick to the traditional themes of angel, cross, chalice or rosary. Communion centerpieces are a important part of your religious celebration and should be thought about in advance.
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